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The Helpful Essay Writing Guide: Structure, Outline, Tips, and Format

Essay writing is a fundamental skill that everyone must master. Whether you are a professional or a student, you are required to write compositions. From persuasive to argumentative, even personal, essays have different writing styles. However, the things that are common in them are their structure, outline, and format.

Do you want to become a pro at crafting compelling essays that will grab readers’ attention? Then, read my blog. Think of it as a helpful guide where you will learn how to structure, outline, and format the essays for perfection. Moreover, at the end, I have a little surprise for you too. Hence, hang in there and read this guide till the end! Come on! Let’s start with structure.

Structure: The Backbone of your Essay

What’s the first thing you look at while reading the essays? It is a structure, isn’t it? That’s the reason why it is called the backbone. Think of it as a support system that provides a concrete foundation for the composition. Moreover, it helps you organise your ideas, articulate your thoughts, and present them.

Do you still not know what structure to follow for a well-written composition? No problem. Here is how you must create your composition.


Imagine you randomly start your essay. Will it grab the readers’ attention? Nope! Hence, to set the tone, you need to write up a compelling introduction. Start with a noteworthy hook that will make your readers want more. Moreover, talk briefly about your topic and state the purpose of essay writing. Also, give background information on this.

Main Body Paragraphs

Next are the main body paragraphs, where you provide all the necessary arguments and give evidence. The length of your body paragraphs depends on the word count. However, if you want to make a good impact, at least use three to four subheadings. Also, remember each one should talk about the new problem and its solution. Start with the thesis statement, then go on with fun facts, quotes, graphics, and stats. Trust me! It will enhance the quality of your work.


Lastly, end your work with a solid conclusion. Remember, it is as vital as the introductory paragraph. Here, restate your statement in the new light, and tell what you learned and your recommendations. (If any).

Pro Tip: Never introduce anything new, or else it might confuse your readers.

Outline: The Roadmap To Success

Imagine you read an essay with no proper outline. Will you be able to find what you are looking for? Nope! Thus, before essay writing, create an outline of the vital subheadings. Think of outlining as a roadmap, leading your audience to the correct page.

Furthermore, it even allows you to track your progress. Well, here is how you should outline your essay. It includes:


Grab the readers with a strong hook, state the topic, build rhythm, and take it from there.

Main Body Paragraphs

Now it is time to cover your essay topic in detail. Tell the audience what you are working on, analyse the information, and back it up with concrete evidence.


End your essay by restating the thesis statement, summarise your points, and tell what you learned.

Format: Presenting Your Essay in A Concrete Manner

When it comes to essays, there is a specific format that you need to adhere to. It helps in enhancing the quality of your work. Moreover, it makes essays appealing. While essay writing, make sure to follow through. Do you not know how to do it? No problem! I have some tips for you. They include:

1. Font and Spacing

While working on your essay, always use an easy-to-read font. I highly recommend using Times New Roman or Arial. Additionally, use double spacing on both sides. It will give it a neat look.

2. Title Page ( If required)

Add up a fascinating title page along with your name, essay topic, and instructor’s name.

3. Citations

Once done, make sure to add citations. From APA to MLA, Harvard, Chicago, etc., there are many referencing styles. Hence, use the ones that are recommended.

4. Headers or Page Number

You also should add headers and page numbers to your essay. It will give it a neat look. Moreover, your readers can know how many pages there are.

So, these are some of the formatting tips. Before ending the blog, let’s see tips for writing the essay.

Essay Writing: Top Tips for Quality Work

Do you want to keep your readers hooked till the end of your essay? Then there are some easy-peasy tips you must follow. They include:

  1. Before starting with the composition, make sure you understand the prompt carefully. From the topic to writing style and word count, make sure you are aware of the instructions.
  2. Conduct extensive research and collect the relevant data. Use various sources, including previous essays and case studies. You can also seek help from Essay Writing Service. They will help you out. Also, do note the points while writing. Use clear wordings
  3. Stick to the word count.
  4. Edit and proofread

Winding Up!

So that’s it! It is all you need to know for writing an essay. From the structure to the outline and format, I have mentioned everything. On top of that, these are some tips you can follow for quality work. So, what are you waiting for? Take help from this guide and ace your essays!

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