A Comprehensive Guide On Dissertation Writing – Tackling The Spooky Situation With Ease

Do you know which time of year is this? Well, it’s almost Halloween! It’s the season of fun and creativity. However, it’s also the spookiest time of the year for the grad students. You might be wondering how so. The answer is simple. The year is almost ending, which means the academic career of final-year grad students is also nearing its end. And, before they graduate there is one thing they need to do. That is dissertation writing.

Now, when students hear the word dissertation writing, they consider it stressful. Because honestly speaking, dissertation writing is not a piece of cake. It requires proper research and is also very time-consuming. You must already know this. Therefore, you are searching for some tips for dissertation writing and handling this spooky situation easily. Then, you are at the correct place. Here, we will discuss some tips to help you tackle dissertation writing easily. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Tips For Handling Dissertation Writing Like A Pro

Dissertation writing is a complex task. And you might be wondering how you can tackle this situation with ease. Well, fret not. Follow the tips mentioned below, and viola you will have your dissertation written in no time. So, let’s explore these tips!

1. Choose Your Topic

One of the best dissertation writing tips you can get is choosing a topic you love. It will make the work easier since you will spend most of your time writing the paper. It can get hectic. If your topic is manageable, the work quality can also improve.

Consider the following dissertation writing tips when choosing your topic:

  • The first tip is to keep the topic relevant. Before choosing a topic do research on what works in your field. It will help you choose a better topic
  • . The next dissertation writing tip you can follow is to choose a feasible topic. Choose a topic where you can get good content for research.
  • You should keep in mind to keep your content original. It is challenging to achieve that. However, you can give it a different angle.

2. Check The Requirements

Most students do not check the requirements, which can cause consequences. You might ask how so. Well, every institute has different requirements when it comes to dissertation writing. And following them is necessary. So, never, we repeat, under any circumstance, don’t skip out this step. Check the guidelines properly. Find about the certain things like:

  • The word count of your dissertation.
  • The deadline on which you have to submit.
  • What is the format of your dissertation?

3. Make Schedule

Scheduling is very important when it comes to dissertation writing. Dissertations are very lengthy. And writing them can consume a plot of your time. Sometimes, students procrastinate till the end of the deadline to start writing the essay, which may cause problems.

Therefore, we suggest that you plan ahead of time. Firstly, get organized so you can complete it when you want it completed. Also, start doing your dissertation in chunks. Furthermore, to save time, determine how many stages you will write your dissertation and then set your deadlines.

4. Research Thoroughly About Your Topic

Now that you have selected your topic, it is time to start researching it. Before you start with a dissertation writing, you must thoroughly research your topic. Some students don’t research their topic well, resulting in poor-quality dissertations.

To properly research your topic, check all the relevant sources and review journals, research articles, books, and the internet. Make sure to cross-check whether you have gone through every single article. Also, remember to write important key points and words while researching, as they will come in handy.

5. Start Writing the Draft

Now that your whole research process is completed, it’s time for you to start with the first draft. A friendly reminder: It is not the final work, so don’t worry about it being unstructured. You can edit it in later stages.

Just start with your dissertation writing. Include every important point you consider important. Furthermore, remember to use visuals like graphs, relevant images, tables, etc. They will make your dissertations look more authentic and appealing.

6. Be Flexible

Have you heard of writer’s block? Well, it happens to the best of us. And, due to this, you also might miss out on your writing deadlines. But don’t worry. Our brains don’t need to work 24/7. So, if you encounter writer’s block, take a deep breath and relax. You can always adjust according to the situation.

7. Write the Introduction Last

You must already know that the introduction is vital to the dissertation. Also, it’s the first thing your audience reads and determines whether or not it is worthy. Therefore, your dissertation introduction should always be flawless. And, for that, we suggest that you write your introduction last. This way, you will know what to add to your introduction.

8. Edit As You Go!

Editing is also one of the main parts of dissertation writing. It determines whether or not your dissertation is perfect. Therefore, you must edit and proofread your dissertation as you go!

Check for grammatical errors and correct them. Also, ensure that the sentences flow naturally. Don’t forget to check the plagiarism. Make sure whatever you have written is 100% original, or your dissertation might get cancelled. Also, if you are short on time and can’t edit your dissertation, don’t fret. You can always seek professional help from Cheap Dissertation Writing Services UK. They will make your dissertations top-notch.

9. Get Feedback Early

Getting a second opinion is better if you want to remain on a safe side. So, after you are done with dissertation writing, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from your professors. You can also ask your friends and family to read and provide feedback on your dissertation.

10. Take Good Care of Yourself

Just because you are focusing on dissertation writing doesn’t mean you will neglect your mental and physical health. So, take good care of yourself. Allow yourself to take frequent breaks. Furthermore, eat healthily, drink plenty of water, etc. If you want, you can also take a walk in your neighbourhood and get fresh air.;


In a nutshell, It is Halloween! The most exciting time of the year. However, for the grad students, all of their exciting energy must have been drained even thinking of dissertation writing.

Well, there is nothing to be upset about. Who says you can’t enjoy Halloween and simultaneously focus on dissertation writing? You surely can. Dissertation writing is not that complicated if you follow certain steps properly. Hopefully, this guide helped you in learning what these steps are. So, what are you waiting for? Follow them, and tackle this spookiest task easily.

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